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Magician’s Art

Coin Magic, Card Magic, Close-up Magic, and Straitjacket Escape
The “King of Coins” will astonish you with award-winning magic. His Las Vegas style sleight-of-hand magic amazes other magicians! (Ask him to show you a coin that falls up!) Prepare to be mesmerized as Harris Deutsch transforms an ordinary deck of cards into a magical illusion. His Nearly Normal Straitjacket Escape is an amusing comedy routine. Your employees, co-workers, and guests will have a great time when audience volunteers become a focal part of the show! (Please remember, Harris is a professional entertainer and treats all volunteers with respect.).

Harris Deutsch is not only a comedic magician, he also performs as a ventriloquist, and puppeteer of the Nearly Normal Puppets.

Magician’s Performances

Corporate Events
Why start your corporate event showing slides, running videos, or making boring presentations when it can be exciting, interactive, and memorable? Live entertainment is remarkably effective at regional sales meetings, national trade shows, information seminars, and other corporate events. Make a lasting impression on your guests, employees, and co-workers. Start your next event with high-energy entertainment that is guaranteed to break the ice and get your event headed in the right direction.

Company picnics, trade shows, company-sponsored holiday celebrations, business meetings, business luncheons and dinners, hospitality suites, seminars...

State and City Sponsored Events
Looking for quality entertainment? Tired of booking the same acts? Let the magic, comedy, and theatrical techniques of Harris Deutsch give your next event the new edge you have been searching for. Live entertainment is a great addition to any program or event!

Fairs, holiday celebrations, parks and recreation department events, festivals, community centers, schools, universities...

Private Events
Want your guests to be swept up in the magic of your moment? Stroll-around magic and comedy are a perfect way to make your wedding reception, party, or next social gathering a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Harris Deutch’s personable and entertaining magic style will delight children of all ages!

Churches, wedding receptions, parties, fundraisers, museums, libraries, hospitals...

Children’s Parties
A family-friendly variety show featuring ventriloquism, blues harmonica, and magic for children of all ages! Click here to view the Nearly Normal Children’s Party Planner.

Presentations/Workshops/School Programs
The healing powers of magic & laughter...

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Invest in their health with Harris Deutsch’s Nearly Normal presentation “Laughter: For The Health Of It.” With an amazing ability to connect with people on a personal and professional level, Harris’ performances have helped audience members discover the healing power of laughter. “Laughter: For The Health Of It” is a perfect presentation for the "Helping Professions" or any organization concerned about the health of it’s employees. Humor is the best preventive medicine and a dose of laughter may decrease your employees’ down-time for health reasons. For more information on “Laughter: For The Health Of It,” contact Harris Deutsch at contact@nearlynormalmagic.com or 913/ 962-4045.

Wellness Workshops
Harris Deutsch conducts Wellness Workshops. He is a certified substance abuse counselor with experience in the fields of mental health and in the treatment of substance abuse. His workshops include “Making Your Stress Disappear” - using a combination of entertainment, education, and professional experience to show you and your staff practical ways to deal with the day-to-day build up of stress. For more information on Wellness Workshops, contact Harris Deutsch at 913/ 962-4045 or contact@nearlynormalmagic.com.

School Programs
M.A.G.I.C., Making A Good Intelligent Choice, is Harris Deutsch’s middle and high school anti-drug/anti-substance abuse program. Aimed at pre-teens and teens, Harris educates through entertainment. He combines his knowledge as a certified drug counselor with his experience as a performer to create a fast-paced event filled with magic, puppetry, improvisation, and a straitjacket comedy routine that will have your students laughing while thinking about the choices they will make now... and in the future! For more information on the M.A.G.I.C. program, contact Harris Deutsch at contact@nearlynormalmagic.com or 913/ 962-4045.

Coin Magic
Coin Magic
Card Magic
Card Magic
Straitjacket Escape
Children's Parties
Close-up Magic
Close-up Magic
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